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Perhaps PMR’s most important role is its daily accountability to each client’s members and board. Since annual strategies and decisions typically occur at once-a-year meetings and retreats, it is our responsibility to keep board members apprised of ongoing initiatives, member feedback, time sensitive programs, and unexpected issues that require attention and support. 

  • Day-to-day coordination with Board Members and Committee Chairs

  • Proactive communication and discussion with Board and Committee members to administer and improve the association’s mission

  • Identify new Board members and support of Nominating Committee and election procedures 

  • Secure sites or conferencing logistics for Executive Committee, Board of Directors, ad hoc, and foundation meetings 

  • Attend Board meetings to support chairperson, take minutes, and assure necessary execution and follow-up of actionable items 

  • Design and implement of Board policies, governance materials, and Board orientations 

  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas, proxies, financial reports, and all post-meeting minutes, reports, and materials; monitor attendance at Board meetings 

  • Arrange non-meeting activities, such as golf, entertainment, and ceremonial dinners

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