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PMR ensures its client organizations have a professional infrastructure from the top down. Importantly, all external communications with members and outside parties doing business with your organization are performed seamlessly within PMR.

  • Handle all phone inquiries through dedicated phone lines – with local or toll-free area codes – that are answered in the client’s name, with professional voicemail services employed during busy periods and after-hours; all messages are returned promptly or forwarded 

  • A street mailing address is provided for all organizational correspondence; PMR reviews and responds to daily postal mail inquires 

  • Client e-mail addresses are created for the monitoring of inquiries and requests 

  • Important documents, materials and supplies are warehoused and inventoried internally, including all stationery, signs, informational literature, publicity materials, and other necessary documents 

  • Historical, Board, and legal documents can be safely warehoused and secured in off-site locations 

  • Stationary, invitation, brochure and other forms of collateral can be designed in-house or in coordination with reliable graphic artists, designers, and printers 

  • Bylaw reviews are performed periodically 

  • Liability insurance levels are checked to ensure that the appropriate levels are maintained within the organization 

  • Staff can represent clients at industry meetings and networking programs to promote the interests and issues of the organization

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